****Please note that, unless specified, all themes are studied in a multi-cultural, multi-faith fashion.

Year 7

Who Am I?

Issues of Identity, Values and Belonging.

Have we lost the true meaning of Christmas?

Investigation into the history, worship and modern celebration of Christmas.

Are places of worship just for prayer?

Investigation into community and places of 'worship'.

How do Muslims show commitment?

Examining the 5 Pillars of Islam.

Year 8

Does God Exist?

Exploring the philosophy of God, issues of belief and non-belief.

What happens when I die?

Exploring the philosophy and culture of death and belief in the afterlife

Does it matter how we treat others?

Exploring the issues of prejudice and discrimination through Rosa Parks, Malcolm X and Gandhi.

Is there such a thing as religious violence?

Exploring the issues of extremism and terrorism in Modern Britain.

Year 9

Extremism, radicalisation, and conflict

Exploring beliefs about war and conflict and the problem of radicalisation in Modern Britain.

"When we turn a blind eye"

Discrimination and the Holocaust.

How do we care for the vulnerable in society?

Social responsibility and charity.

Famous Leaders

Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement.

Year 10

Issues of Relationships

Issues of Human Rights

Issues of Good and Evil

Issues of Life and Death

Year 11

Belief and Practice - Christianity

Belief and Practice - Islam

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