Inclusion Centre

Purpose of the Inclusion Centre

When a student receives an internal exclusion he/she spends that time in the centre. The students work in a booth in silence throughout the day and lose social time.

Students with incorrect uniform and inappropriate haircuts work in the main work area. However, they are not allowed out of the centre for social time. Time spent in Inclusion Centre will:

  • Support Every Child Matters.
  • Prevent exclusions.
  • Improve inclusion by supporting vulnerable students when they may be failing to learn.
  • Provide intervention strategies for students with behavioural problems in order to re-engage them.
  • Support students to re-integrate into mainstream.
  • Support students who are following an alternative curriculum.
Multi-Agency Working

The centre uses a variety of agencies to support the individual needs of our students including:

  • Rochdale Connections Trust.
  • Fairbridge.
  • Youth Offending Team.
  • Family Support Unit.
  • HYPe.
  • Connexions.
  • Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service(CAMHS).
  • Other Schools.
  • Further Education Colleges.
  • EarlyBreak.
  • Young Carers .
Benefits to students
  • Improved self-esteem and confidence.
  • A more positive attitude towards school and staff.
  • Improvement in attendance.
  • Greater achievement and success .
  • Benefits to families .
  • Greater support and communication between school and home.
  • Access to additional support from outside agencies .
  • Deeper involvement in their child’s education.