KS2 – KS3 Transition

What is transition?

The broad period of time from preparing to move from primary school until successful settlement of the student in secondary school.

At Middleton Technology School we recognise that the transition from primary to secondary school is a critical time for students involving several changes in educational expectations and practices.

Mr Carter is the primary transition co-ordinator who endeavours to make this process as smooth as possible. A well-designed transition can maintain the strong sense of belonging that students felt in primary school – so important if they are to continue to enjoy and succeed in academic tasks.

Year 6 Information

First of all I would like to extend a warm welcome to all year 6 students who intend to join Middleton Technology School. Listed below are some details which should make it easier to understand the organisation of the school and hopefully answer some of your questions.

The School day starts quite early in comparison to your primary school, but this will also mean you will finish earlier, allowing you to have a free afternoon in order to complete homework or participate in one of the many extra curricular clubs which take place at MTS.

You will have to get used to having different teachers for different subjects and this may take you a while to get used to. It also means there is a lot of moving around between lessons as everyone moves to their next classroom.

All lessons last 50 minutes and there are 6 lessons a day. In the morning you will have 4 lessons, with a 20 minute morning break in the middle. Your lunch break lasts 40 minutes, followed by another two lessons in the afternoon.

A question often asked when I visit potential MTS students is ‘Will I be with my friends in my tutor group?’ The answer to this question is ‘Yes’. When you have been accepted for a place at MTS I will send some forms for you and your parents to fill in. One of these forms is a friendship form where you write the names of your friends in order of preference of who would like to be with in your tutor group. I will then do my best to put you with at least one of your friends.

MTS believe that a smart uniform worn properly is very important because it demonstrates the pride that students take in the school. MTS expects all students to wear full uniform at all times.

  • Black school trousers or MTS designated uniform skirt
  • White school shirt
  • Black blazer with school crest
  • School tie
  • Black shoes
  • Black or white socks (if worn under trousers)
  • Plain black tights, or white socks (if worn with a skirt)
  • School bag
  • Items of uniform must be serviceable and hardwearing. Please stick to our guidelines:

Please see the Parents Handbook in the Parents section for a full detailed list.

In Year 7 Students will study:

Core Subjects

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science

Foundation Subjects

  • Art
  • Citizenship
  • Drama
  • Geography
  • German
  • History
  • Computer Studies
  • Information Communication Technology
  • Music
  • Life Education
  • P.E./Games
  • Cultural Studies
  • Technology

Lessons at MTS are 50 minutes. You will be taught in the same groups for all subjects in Year 7 based on your KS2 SATS results.

MTS have high expectations regarding punctuality and attendance. They are important if you are to make good progress in lessons. If you are unable to come to school due to an illness you must let school know as soon as possible, or on your return to school you must bring your form tutor an absence note from you parent/guardian.

We also advise you to go on holiday during the school holidays and not during school time. Whenever you are absent it is important that you catch up on any schoolwork that you may have missed.

The school operates a cashless system for purchasing food in the cafeteria. You are able to pay for your dinners at the start of the year or you can add money to a machine on a daily basis. When you buy something in the cafeteria the canteen staff will use your fingerprint in order to identify you. This cashless system means you don’t have to worry about losing your money and you will be able to get your dinner a lot quicker!! Full instructions how to use this system will be given to you on your first day at Middleton Technology School.

Snacks and drinks are available from the canteen at breakfast and at morning break, and you may have toast, teacakes, soup and hot chocolate, etc. At lunchtime you must remain in school for lunch unless parents have requested permission in writing, and it has been approved by the Headteacher. If you are not purchasing a school dinner (£2.15) you may eat your packed lunch in the canteen.

There is an opportunity for you to participate in many extra curricular activities which take place at Middleton Technology School. Listed below are some of the trips available just for Year 7 students. Whilst they are not compulsory, it would be advisable to attend them as they will not only help you with your learning but also help you create new friendship groups.

  • Two day team building residential – usually within the first half term
  • Skipton Castle – History
  • Cadbury’s World – part of the Bubbles project in Science, Technology, and Maths.
  • End of year trip – Lightwater Valley

Year 7 students are often worried about bullying when they move to secondary school. Middleton Technology School have a strict anti-bullying policy whose aim is to clarify for pupils and staff that bullying is always unacceptable. Every pupil has the right to be safe and happy in school, and to be protected when he or she is feeling vulnerable.

We feel it is important to create an atmosphere in school where students feel safe. Students who are being bullied, or others who know about it, can feel that they will be listened to and believed, and that action taken will be swift but sensitive to their concerns. Not telling protects the bully or bullies, and gives the message that they can continue, perhaps bullying others too.

There are many people you can talk to if bullying takes place. Don’t suffer in silence, tell your friends, Guardian Angels, tutor, teacher, Learning Progress Co-ordinator, Learning Progress Mentor or parents.

In year 7 you will be given 1 hour of homework per night, most teachers will set homework every week. You will be given a school journal to record homework tasks and deadlines. The journals will also help with communication between home and school. There is a space for teachers to comment on students’ attitude and behaviour and for parents/guardians to note comments made.

Whilst there are no allocated buses, below is a list of transport available:

  • Number 17 Bus from Rochdale and Castleton to School
  • Number 59 Bus from Manchester and Blackley to School
  • Number 80 (GM Bus) and Number 112 runs from Manchester to Middleton via Moston (alight at Grimshaw Lane)
  • Number 145 (JP Travel) runs from Piccadilly/Arndale to Middleton (alight at the bottom of Sandy Lane)

Alternatively, a bike shed is available on the premises. Students are advised to wear a helmet if they ride to school, and to provide their own lock for added security.

"Any child who comes to school with a Key Stage 2 score of a 3C or lower, will be given additional Numeracy and Literacy lessons to support access to the Curriculum, and to give the best chances of academic success"

It is our vision to enrich the learning experience of the entire school community


Further Questions

If you have any questions about the application process please contact the School Admissions team at: